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Get the Best Mold Removal Service from Chattanooga Water Damage Restoration

Water damage and the accumulation of excessive moisture in a building can cause mold growth in a building. When there is an ideal condition for mold growth or molds are already present in your house, you will get a musty odor or see greenish, blackish, brown, or orange stains on walls and other places. If you notice any of these signs of mold attacks, you must consult us, the most trusted mold removal experts in Chattanooga.

Mold attacks can create many allergic and infectious health issues for the occupants. At the same time, mold removal is essential, as the ugly stains can really depreciate the aesthetic appeal and value of a property. In other words, when a potential buyer sees the visible signs of mold, including the peeling of walls, they will be willing to pay a lesser amount considering they will need to invest a lot of money in the renovation work. However, with our expert and experienced team, we can offer you a complete range of services at a nominal mold removal cost.

Further, all our mold cleaning and remediation service is based on indoor air quality testing and inspection of the mold condition.

Types of Mold We Can Remove:

Mold can be of various types. However, we can categorize molds into three bold categories like pathogenic, allergenic, and toxic.

Having pathogenic molds in a building can invite alarming situations for the building occupants. This type of mold can damage the nervous system. Further, allergenic molds can invite many allergic problems like congestion, running nose, itchiness in the eyes, etc. In addition, toxic molds bring attacks to the immunity system to a great extent.

What is Our Mold Removal Service?

The mold removal service means cleaning or eliminating mold from a place. The mold spores in the air take shelter in the building areas which are water damaged or affected by excessive moisture. However, mold removal cannot help you eliminate mold problems completely. To ensure a complete cure for the problem, we ensure that the cause of mold growth is detected and eliminated.

Range of Mold Removal Services Offered by Us

House Mold Removal

A house has versatile zones considering the moisture level in the air. In the whole house, the bathroom is more likely to get affected by mold. If you live in a rainfall-prone area, the balcony can get a healthy dose of moisture suitable for mold growth. Study room or bedroom is less likely to get affected by mold. However, mold growth and spores from the moist zones in the house can spread to dry areas and start mold growth there. Also, anywhere in the house can accumulate mold if there’s a leakage or crack in the ceiling or wall. Whatever the conditions are in rooms in your house, we strategize mold removal for different spaces differently. And that aids in giving you customized mold removal.

Wall Mold Removal

Damp walls or walls in old houses can become a favorable zone for mold. Further, dry or even new walls can accumulate moisture with cracks and leaks. Irrespective of the cause, the problem of mold in walls involves challenges. If the mold growth and spread are left unattended, the mold can damage internal wall structures. The mold reaches deeper inside the wall and damages the insulation property and wall coatings. During our process of wall mold removal, we study the wall patches and select our cleaning tools and chemicals. Notably, we strategize our process if the wall happens to be heavily invaded by mold and clean it without damaging the wall structure.

Carpet Mold Removal

Having mold on the carpet can be dangerous for your house and health. It’s obvious rarely anyone notices carpet closely at regular intervals. Moreover, you can spread the mold unknowingly while cleaning and dusting. Most importantly, as you step into the carpet, you can collect mold or its spores in your feet and distribute them in unaffected corners of your house. That represents the severity of mold infestation in carpets. We inspect the extent of mold damage in your carpets. Depending on the carpet condition and its potential to spread molds elsewhere in the house, we optimize the removal process. If the carpet happens to be in non-salvageable condition, we advise getting rid of the carpet.

Mold Removal on Wood

Wood may seem like an unlikely place to favor mold. But certain wood varieties have porous nature, and that surely welcomes mold. Further, as wood gets brittle and old, it accumulates moisture quite well. Wood furniture kept in open spaces and exposed to rainfall is known to get mold patches. Plus, you can get mold growth on wooden walls and floors. Mold in these places gives a tricky problem for every home resident. We at Chattanooga Water Damage plan a well-crafted strategy for mold removal on wood. We use chemicals and tools that remove the mold without damaging the wooden structure.

Drywall Mold Removal

You can find mold on the drywall as black dots or discolored patches. From a single patch, the mold can spread to deeper layers of drywall. With time, mold growth on drywall can make the affected structure weak or saggy. Chattanooga Water Damage devises drywall mold removal methods after studying mold patches or dots. We employ tools and chemicals to make drywall unfavorable for mold growth.

Attic Mold Removal

The attic comprises one of the common house areas where mold can grow. The attic has every perfect condition for the flourishing growth of mold. The hot and humid interior of attics coupled with wood sheathing there helps mold to grow and multiply. Further, most people don't live in the attic; thus, the place stays uninterrupted and encourages mold growth. We study every corner of the attic carefully and inspect the source of humidity there. Our team plans the removal procedure and exhibits well-planned steps based on the findings.

Bathroom Mold Removal

As an area exposed to water use, it has a high possibility of accumulating fungal or mold growth. Starting from the sink to the shower area, everywhere in the bathroom can accumulate mold. Plus, being a highly exposed area to water, you can have difficulty getting rid of mold in the bathroom. Keeping this difficulty in mind, we offer well-planned removal in the bathroom. We inspect and apply certified and updated removal strategies. That ensures giving a mold-free bathroom within proper time schedules.

ERMI and Mycotoxin Cleaning

As a part of our service, we use examinations with a scientific framework to determine mold invasion in your house or property. We rely on ERMI (Environmental Relative Moldiness Index), a DNA-based test to evaluate the level of mold present in affected areas. Moreover, ERMI identifies the mold variety. The Mycotoxin test takes the efficacy of ERMI further by testing the mycotoxins present or whether the mold is producing any toxin at all. These tests help give the specification we need for employing different removal methods for various mold types.

How do We Render Mold Removal Services?

In accordance with the EPA guidelines, we follow a step-by-step process for cleaning or removing mold. However, we advise property owners to take care of moisture control so that additional risks of mold development are eliminated. Nevertheless, if there is mold in your building, we will scrub it off using permitted detergent and other cleaning agents.

In addition, we resolve plumbing issues, roof leakage, appliance leakage, and other causes of water damage. Then, we make the space dry. We are especially very particular about the porous elements in your house. For example, carpets and ceiling tiles are very prone to moisture absorption and mold growth. We are very particular about the safety measures while cleaning mold from a building. Our team members ensure that they are not affected or the occupants are not exposed to mold.

As a one-stop solution company, we have repair, restoration, and conservation experts. Our affiliate programs include water damage restoration, restoration of rugs, carpets, and other elements of the house, storm damage restoration, fire damage restoration, etc. Simply put, as a professional organization, we have the infrastructure for providing all the services related to black mold removal or any other type of mold removal.

Why Is Professional Mold Removal Essential?

People may see a dark patch of mold growth on walls and leave the problem unattended considering it trivial. But, what you may not know is that having black moldy stains on walls presents an active mold growth which is by no means should be ignored.

Moreover, wall stains may indicate the problem has progressed, which definitely needs professional attention and expertise. Notably, DIY mold removal can terminate mold growth to a certain extent. Further, the mold problem can emerge several days after applying DIY strategies. That necessitates having a professional removal which helps keep your house mold-free for longer.

Further, mold on your property or house reduces your house’s resale value. When you put your house for sale on the market, the mold shows up on the inspection report. Therefore, professional mold removal is an apt way to boost your house’s resale value and get a good inspection rating.

What is Mold Inspection?

Mold inspection is a process of identifying the growth of harmful molds in the building. We are an IICRC-certified company and follow the EPA guidelines and tools for mold inspection. Further, all our team members are well-trained and experienced in inspecting the signs of mold attacks. In addition, the process of inspecting molds includes interrogating about issues like frequent occurrences of water leakage or allergic attacks in the house.

Mold inspections should usually be done inside a building, walls, and many other areas. This inspection is done so that structural problems and decays can be prevented.

What is Our Mold Remediation Service?

Mold remediation, on the other hand, is a more inclusive process involving mold testing, removal of mold, demolition, disinfection and sanitation, containment, and final cleaning. Each step is completed with care to give a comprehensive quality.

We assess how critical mold growth is based on the old mtype and the growth location. Then, we conduct our remediation services until the mold level in your building reaches a safe level.

How We Render Mold Remediation Services

We at Chattanooga Water Damage follow a comprehensive strategy for mold remediation. Chattanooga Water Damage understands scrubbing with some chemicals on mold-affected surfaces will never cause effective remediation. We employ science-backed strategies to offer mold remediation.

Further, our professionals have decades of knowledge to study potential mold sources and explore innovative mold removal methods. During remediation services, we have a comprehensive focus that involves more than caring for moldy patches. Mold damages the structures and gives a musty or damp smell. Our services include odor removal apart from mold killing. With our upgraded tools and technology, we ensure mold cleaning without damaging or weakening the house structures.

Plus, our team is expert enough to carry out mold remediation in different areas starting, from residential to commercial. At the end of the remediation service, we check the mold presence and their by-products, like toxins, to determine the efficacy of the conducted process.

Why Choose Us as the Best Mold Removal Company in Chattanooga?

Located in Chattanooga, we offer you the best quality mold removal services. We have many features that make us a favorite for clients harassed with mold problems in house, office, or industrial spaces.

We are happy to serve Chattanooga residents to get a healthy mold-free house. Mentioning Chattanooga reminds us to talk about the weather perspective we use. Our team keeps local weather in mind while planning mold-killing steps. To include a high degree of specificity, our team examines the weather in your locality to get into a deeper study of how the humidity caused mold growth.

However, checking the weather is one of many ways we integrate comprehensiveness and quality. We look for pipe leakage, cracks in the wall, and every other sign that encourages mold growth. So, our examination involves a lot of detail to determine the root cause of mold infestation. That indeed helps in remediation and further aids in offering and perfecting our preventative service or consultation

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